Partying like a Rock Star on an Average Budget - Party Week on BTR


When you hear the Shop Boyz single “Party Like a Rock Star,” you’re hurdled into a world of money, cars, hotel parties, and loose women. Indeed, this is how rock stars are known to get down, and mimicking this lifestyle has become a prime concern for partiers far and wide.

It seems like no one is satisfied with the local bar scene or those case-of-Bud Light nights in anymore.  As I advised back in Drinking Week, there are huge benefits to becoming a regular at a bar, not only socially but financially as well.  Staying in just one night a week can add some cash flow to that ever-shrinking party budget.

Granted, everyone deserves a night of rock star proportions once in a while, and it doesn’t have to cost you a month’s rent to rage as hard as they do. Take it from someone who knows how to have a good time; there are countless ways to watch your spending while still looking and acting like a baller.

First issue: Sleeping space.

Where you’ll be getting any sleep (or with whom), is something that’s going to need some thought. Regardless of whether or not you’ll actually be sleeping, it’s still nice to have a place to crash. Returning to your actual home after partying like a rock star is ideal. You don’t have to book or pay for a hotel. Although it is nice to leave the cleaning up to someone else and just wil’ out in a luxurious room, the savings of staying at your own crib are quite an advantage when on a budget. Plus, if you live in any of the major party cities, you’re probably paying out-of-this-world rent so that makes up for the chunk of change the rest of us will be spilling for a night at the Ritz.

Here’s a tip: If you have to book… don’t book the Ritz.

Do some research on the area you will be visiting and find a fancy hotel with a reasonable price tag. Thompson LES in NYC or Luxor in Las Vegas are great examples of classy hotels that won’t break your bank, but will make you feel like a super star. If you’re headed down south, try the hostels in Miami. While the word ‘hostel’ may bring to mind a dingy, kind of shady dwelling with a sheet-less bed in a large room, don’t fear. Miami is such a popular destination for young people and international tourists that many of their hostels are clean and welcoming, with bars and other amenities on site, plus access to the best clubs and bars in the city.

Hostel, hotel or home, you can start saving at the beginning of your night.

Want to arrive in style?

Roll up to dinner and drinks in a limo. Find an affordable town car company in whatever city you’re raging and get a stretch for one hour, or the shortest allotted time. Getting dropped off at the restaurant, club, or bar will make more of an impression than getting picked up at the end of your night and chances are you won’t remember the drive home anyway, so why waste your money? If you’re feeling saucy, keep the driver around to take you from dinner to the party and then be done with it, but otherwise the initial drive should be enough to set the mood.

If you’re going to be drinking:

Set aside money for the ride home and a bottle of water at the end of the night- you will need both. And, even rock stars can be found sporting Poland Spring post-party. Browse the web for drink specials in the city of your choice, but don’t cut yourself off from places you want to go to just because they’re too expensive. If you put in some solid drinking time at the restaurant or rage at the pre-party at your hotel or home, then you should be able to get one or two over-priced drinks at the club and wherever else the night may take you.

Speaking of clubs, hit one up:

Even if dancing is not your thing or if you think it will be too crowded, go to the club. The pulsating music will immediately make you feel like you’re on ecstasy and re-energize you; making you think you could party like this for days. Clubs are also great for meeting people with big plans. These people like to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning and certainly don’t let the club closing hinder them.

Casinos are interesting and fun places to party, but if you’re going to really do it, bite the bullet and go to Vegas. The Northeast’s casino haven, Atlantic City, is just a knockoff, and the replicate Palms and Cesar’s Palace don’t even compare. Don’t get me wrong, Atlantic City can be fun, but when given the option, this is Las Vegas we’re talking about. They’ve got the amazing strip, Sunset Blvd and not to mention those loose women. (It’s legal in Nevada. ‘Nuff said.)

My word of warning:

Be aware of how much you’re drinking, for obvious reasons. You don’t want to get sick, get into a fight or get too involved with strangers.  But also, you want to make it to the after party. It’s the second half of the night, almost as important and always as much fun as the first. Your drinks will catch up with you there, so before you throw down on a bottle or case, give yourself some time to digest and then see how you’re doing.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re going to party like a rock star, allot the funds for it. Yes, that may mean facing a $300 (or more) bill for your night of indulgence, but heed the above advice and make these nights only once in a blue moon.

Rage safely, have fun and let your inner rock star out for a night on the town.