BTR's Holiday Gift Wishes

By the Editorial Staff

Photo courtesy of Leah Sipe.

It’s the holidays. We at the BTR Editorial Department are not exempt from harboring the universal desire of the season: presents.

Check out what our refined tastes call for this year.

Atypical Cooking Classes – Lisa Autz, Staff Writer, Production Assistant, Host of the Daily Beat, & Co-Host of Third Eye Weekly

Photos courtesy of Claudine Co and Lisa Autz.

Whether it’s pig butchering or sausage making, give a special someone a wink and a nod with a cooking class this year. Brooklyn Kitchen has several unique, technique-based cooking classes that can help anyone become the town’s best meat butcher.

Call Me Old Fashioned Print – Dane Feldman, Co-Editorial Director, Copy Editor, Dish + Drink Columnist, & Co-Host of The Hash

Photo by Dane Feldman.

These days I’ve been doing lots of research in hopes of having at least somewhat of an idea of what I’d like when I furnish a new apartment in a few months. All things mid-century modern and boozy tend to have me at hello, but this print is the closest I’ve come to an impulse buy in a long time. If you’re reading this, Mom, I’ll take one for every room.

Psychedelic Cat Mug – Molly Freeman, Managing Editor & Co-Host of The Hash

Photo courtesy of Sami Keinanen.

From Etsy retailer, Vitraaze, this hand-painted Psychedelic Cat Mug utilizes bright colors and a fancy feline to bring joy to mornings. It’s perfect for the coffee-drinking, cat-lover in your life (especially if that person is you).

Busking in the NYC Underground Private Tour – Jess Goulart, Staff Writer, Social Media Director, Host of Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog, & Co-Host of Scotch & Cinema

Photo courtesy of Simon Harrod.

I’m all about giving an experience as a gift. The fantastic website Vayable offers specialty themed tours created and marketed by locals in a ton of popular destinations. The one I’m dying to do is a trip through the NY subway system to see the city’s best buskers, with one of them as the guide!

Tiny Terrarium Necklace – Veronica Chavez, Editorial Intern

Photo coutesy of Etsy retailer FaerieNest.

From Etsy retailer, FaerieNest, this tiny terrarium necklace lets you carry around a little bit of nature everywhere you go. With no care or watering required, the vial will remain lively and vibrant even if you’re a terrible plant parent!

Knit Slipper Socks – Michele Bacigalupo, Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Linda.

Cozy and comfortable, slip-on booties from L.L. Bean will keep your feet warm all winter long. They’re ideal for wearing next to a crackling fireplace, or an imitation yule log. The slippers are made from New Zealand lambswool, making them incredibly soft. The material is also designed to maintain a cool temperature around the feet, no matter how many blankets you choose to bundle up with while watching the snow fall.

Thierry Henry T-Shirt – Martel Reid-Warden, Editorial Intern

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

The recent announcement made by 37-year-old soccer legend Thierry Henry that he will not be renewing his contract with the New York Red Bulls hinted at the confirmation that his soccer playing career may have reached its conclusion. Why not show your appreciation to the heights his career has reached by purchasing the shirt he finished his playing career wearing?

Obnoxious Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses – Henry Robertson, Editorial Intern

If drunken singing wasn’t irritating enough, check out these major scale musical wine glasses, which produce different musical tones correlating to the level of wine left. This stemware is sure to be a hoot for a minute, then get super annoying, then regain their fun as intoxication increases. The beauty/curse of this present is that in order to produce different tones, you need to keep drinking and refilling the glass. Break these out at parties to create grating harmonies and bask in the drunken symphonic cacophony.

Cat Grass Seeds – Tanya Silverman, Co-Editorial Director & Manager of Life & Times Column

Photos courtesy of chrisada, Pete, and Tanya Silverman.

Cat grass is what’s missing in my life. The magical plant works sort of like a feline salad, aiding cats’ digestive tracts when they nibble on the stalks. If I get the seeds this holiday season, I swear I will cultivate the finest, lushest cat grass on the entire East Coast.