BTR's Favorite Gift Card Items - Holiday Week


DJ Marie of Sew & Tell

“I am a slightly unconventional singer/songwriter, in that I don’t play any instruments – I just use layers of my own voice and audio effects to create my pieces. In trying to figure out how to adapt my “creations” for live performance, I came across this sweet little looper: the Boss RC-30 Twin Dual Track Looper. It’s highly recommended for any kind of live looping, and pairs easily with a variety of audio software programs. Though definitely a pricey piece of equipment, you can find some good resale deals on Ebay. A worthwhile investment for any live performance loopers!”

Nicole Stinson, Intern

“Being from Australia, I like to hang out at the beach or by friends’ swimming pools (sadly my house doesn’t have one). This little device makes it easier with its water resistancy and portability to listen to my music when I am out with friends. Everyone loves a good beach or pool party in the summer!”

DJ Mark of Tech Trek

“An HDMI input for your HD TV. It streams YouTube, Google Play, Hulu, Pandora, HBO Go, and comes with three months of Netflix for free. All for $35 with no monthly fee.”

DJ Molly of The Hash

Plattan Plus Headphones in mint green. These bright, vibrant headphones are cheerful–especially as we move into the dreary winter months–and stylish. They’re also equipped with a mic, volume control, and a built-in splitter on the right earphone for sharing music. Plus, the cord is covered in fabric to prevent tangling, which is a much-needed feature for the perfect headphones.”

Tanya Silverman, BTR Managing Editor

“I’d love a few new Norton Records releases from their El Paso Rock vinyl series, like Bobby Fuller’s Rock and Roll King of the Southwest LP, plus a compilation like Sand Surfer. It’s so inspiring that Norton Records recovered after being wiped out by Hurricane Sandy hitting their warehouse in Brooklyn last year, and this holiday season, it’d be great to support their resilient mission of music preservation by buying new records. ”

DJ Jordan of Discovery Corner
“A contribution of a few hundred dollars to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign of the film SLC Punk 2: Punk’s Dead! I loved the original in high school and good or bad, I want to see what this movie can become.”

DJ Emily of Alt Country, DJ Emily BTR on Tuesdays, Revolver, BTR Top 10, and Ladies Skate Only

“If I’m lucky enough to be gifted some cash this holiday season, I’m totally buying a portable vocal booth to aid in recording my shows and bringing new tunes to the wonderful BTR listeners. Will beat the heck out of the clothing-and-pillow padded closet setup I have going on now. The price on the sE Electronics Reflexion Filter Pro has gone down and I think it would be a perfect candidate.”

DJ Margaret of Biology of the Blog, Top of the Dome, and The Music Digest

“I played piano for eight years when I was living at home, but when I moved to college I no longer had access to one. Korg is one of the best keyboard brands in my opinion. I wish I could have a real piano, but the Korg SP170s 88-weighted key digital piano is the next best thing. It is a simple design – without the bells and whistles some keyboards have – but I like that. I would love to be able to play keys again on this beautiful instrument.”

DJ Jen of The Daily Beat

“If I’m lucky enough to receive cash as a gift this holiday season, my one must-have music-related item would be a loop pedal. As a cellist, I’ve always been interested in improvising and composing live. A loop pedal would expand my sound and inspire my creativity.”

DJ Dane Feldman of The Hash, Dish+Drink columnist, and Copy Editor

“This Ibanez 12-string guitar. I’ve wanted one for a long time, but I haven’t bought a new guitar since high school. What’s great about this instrument is that it’s also acoustic-electric. I have an acoustic-electric 6-string Ovation, but I’ve been needing to get the pickup fixed for about 5 years now. Not only would this guitar fill a void in my collection as a functional piece, but it also has a great look to it. It’s far different from my other acoustics visually.”

Zach Schepis, Intern

The Ravish Sitar Pedal: This new guitar effect pedal, developed by local NYC wizards Electro-Harmonix, is more than just a hokey 60s throw-back. It provides a set of sympathetic string drones (creating the signature resonance you would hear on an actual sitar) that dynamically react to playing and that you can program individually to any scales you want. There are also expression pedal inputs that allow you to bend the pitch of the lead voice and control the decay of the strings simultaneously. This makes the pedal capable of more than just creating convincing sitar-esque sounds, such as synth sounds, various spacey delays, and even what sounds like a Japanese koto.”

Alexa Semica-Hornbeck, Intern

La Planete Sauvage (Fantastic Planet), the original soundtrack on vinyl, with music by the French jazz pianist Alain Goraguer. Fantastic Planet is a rare 1973 cutout stop motion science fiction allegorical film directed by Rene Laloux. This 70 minutes of pure space rock madness is as rare as the movie itself. While Christmas shopping in the Chelsea Market, I happen to brisk past a small record vender. I searched through the stacks, bypassing Pink Floyd, and other theatrical rock-and-roll, synth style records that are already a part of my collection at home. Suddenly, my eyes caught sight of a misplaced vinyl taped to the window. The $120 sale price was enough for me to add it to my Christmas list, rather than buy it right then.”

Jess Goulart, Intern

“I would love this Mason Jar speaker/amplifier! My friends and I are always putting our phones in mason jars (or Solo cups) for added volume when we don’t have speakers.”

Matthew DeMello, Editorial Director and Co-host of Third Eye Weekly

“I’ve already listed one box set for BTR’s pre-Black Friday wish list (see: BTR’s Favorite Things), so why not another for our gift card list? Now, I don’t want to imply that my family members are made of money, or that I really need a lot of stuff during the holiday season. But hey, what else are corporations for? This should easily eat up most of a $50 gift certificate, but it’s well worth it. The Beta Band’s recent The Regal Years: 1997-2004 box set features an all-encompassing retrospective on the group’s overall output, which is perfect because their albums are all uniformly interesting. Even if you’re not a die-hard fan, Steve Mason and Gordon Anderson were remarkably consistent song-cycle craftsmen and audio magicians for the last stretch of time where aspiring to those roles really meant anything.