Top 10 Fitness Apps


By Martel Reid-Warden

Photo courtesy of Satish Krishnamurthy.

New Year’s often spurs an increase of the will to get in shape. Technology, namely the apps on our tablets and smartphones, provides individuals with the means to do so. Below is a list of apps that will help you reach your New Year’s fitness goals.

1. FitStar – Free

If you’re having trouble allotting of time in your week to work out then FitStar could very much get you on your way. Former NFL star Tony Gonzalez steps in to the role of personal trainer, guiding you through a number of exercise videos. Only have 20 minutes in your schedule today? No problem. FitStar will provide you with a variety of exercises you can complete within any time frame.

2. Yoga Studio – $3.99

Yoga has long been associated with maintaining muscle flexibility and subsequently preserving the condition of your body. The Yoga Studio app allows users to choose from a variety of classes, each catering to a particular muscle group. The poses are explained thoroughly in the visual guides provided. The app also allows you to choose your own music.

3. Carrot Fitness – $2.99

This app certainly isn’t for the weak-hearted. After entering your weight, the app labels you as “fat” and that is the last thing you would want to hear. Users are provided with the robot character Carrot, a brutally sarcastic trainer that will stop at nothing to make you feel bad about yourself should you gain weight. Demonstrate that you’re reaching your fitness targets and she may lay off you a little bit. Just a little.

4. Zumba Dance – $4.99

The popularity of Zumba hasn’t been overlooked in the race for the fitness app crown. Users of this motion-based app begin by creating a virtual version of themselves, providing information such as their gender, height, and weight in order to work with the in-house fitness planner. Burn calories by taking part in dance classes, learning moves to a particular song, or working with the app’s fitness planner to trim the weight listed on the virtual version of yourself.

5. Pact – Free

Think you’re the workout champ among your friends? Why not put your money where your mouth is and prove you’re working out when and where you say you are. The Pact app allows users to make “pacts” with others or themselves that they will partake in a workout at a particular place and time. Failure to do so will result in a minimum $5 fine. If losing money at the expense of failing to maintain your fitness goals sounds like it will get you back in shape, then this app is for you.

6. Virtual Runner – Free to download, but courses range from $7.99-19.99

The boredom associated with running on a treadmill is now a thing of the past due to the introduction of the Virtual Runner app. Available for download on iOS and Windows, the app provides users with the opportunity to experience the world’s most revered race courses–from across Central Park to along the Australian Outback–in their iPad screen.

7. Zombies, Run! – $3.99

Ever seen an episode of The Walking Dead and wondered whether you’d be able to cope with zombies on your tail? Zombies, Run! places you into that precise scenario. Plug in your headphones and follow the instructions of voice recordings that provide directions to help you steer clear of the undead. If the threat of flesh-eating zombies chasing you isn’t enough to get you running, then what is?

8. Turfly – Free

A brisk walk or jog around the local park became a lot more competitive thanks to the creators of Turfly. The app divides your immediate area into “turfs” and offers points for walking or running in a particular location. Users compete against friends and other nearby Turfly users to claim “turf”. Walks to the mall or picking up your child from school just became a lot more exciting as users are able to gain points for completing such straight forward activities.

9. MapMyRun – Free

This app does exactly what it says in its title. Through their phone GPS system, users are able to discover the exact route covered during their run and share the time in which they completed it. Here’s where things get interesting: scour through the routes covered by other users and attempt to best the speed at which they ran it.

10. Charity Miles – Free

Acquiring sponsorship for participating in a marathon can prove a difficult task for the average person in comparison to the large sums celebrities can raise. Raising money for charity has often proved to be a healthy incentive for runners. Charity Miles seeks to channel your efforts by combining the miles of your workouts to raise money for charities. Users choose which charity their miles go toward with 25 cents allocated per mile when walking and 10 cents given per mile when cycling.