mixtapemaestro - The-Dream featuring Pusha T “Dope Bitch”

The occasional problem with having the same R&B and hip hop names hooking up in collaboration over and over is that one record can be mistaken for another and songs get overlooked.

Case in point: the latest The-Dream single “Dope Bitch” (featuring Pusha T), a track that’s been circulating on the scene for awhile now, and one we somehow never heard until recently. Our lame defense: despite the difference in titles, we had kinda-sorta confused it for being the Pusha T/ Dream team-up from a few months back, “Exodus 23:1″, putting us in an embarrassing Johnny-Come-Lately position.

Now that we’ve caught up with everyone else, though: What a serious jam this is!!!

Just when it was looking like The-Dream was going to spend the rest of his career cycling through the same sonic bag of tricks (which probably wouldn’t have been so bad, per se), “Dope Bitch” finds the singer-songwriter-producer slightly deviating from his signature for a denser thump.

Sure, the airy piano plinks and candy-sweet melodies–recurring figures in Dream’s arsenal–are still there, and a stand-out dime-piece remains at the center of his lyrical focus, but attaching these familiar strains (and that insta-catchy hook) to the equally familiar classic drum break of Skull Snaps’ oft-sampled 1973 cut “It’s A New Day” lifts “Dope Bitch” to a whole new plateau of…well, dopeness, gifting the tune with an early ’90′s hip hop-soul flair that has us wishing we had an old-school house party to go to right this second so we could Wop For Our Lives.

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