mixtapemaestro - Miguel x Wiz Khalifa x Busta Rhymes, Reek Da Villain & J-Doe “Adorn (Remixes)”

You know you got a cold R&B joint when rappers are tripping over themselves trying to add sixteens to it, and with Miguel’s “Adorn” being one of the hottest sexual healing jams of the year, it’s no surprise that it’s become the freestyle go-to for emcees to express their sensitive side on.

The past week has seen not one, but TWO new remixes of the song pop up on the blogosphere: Wiz Khalifa graces one, surprising himself of his new found chivalrous turn (“You got your boy frontin’ the bill, opening doors/ Buying the chef, closing the store…”) while not surprising anyone with an obligatory blunt reference; the other finds Busta Buss (“Mommy got a beauty make me weak until I can’t cope/ Smellin’ like a watermelon Neutrogena bath soap…”) and a couple of the nu-Flipmode Squad/ Conglomerate fam (Reek Da Villain and J-Doe) adding a little of their own respective lover-thug swag to the cut.

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