mixtapemaestro - Jessie Ware “Sweet Talk”


As hinted by the amazing singles (and non-attached freebies) that preceded it, buzzed-about Brit-soul newcomer Jessie Ware has pulled off one of the year’s strongest R&B collections with her freshly released debut Devotion, a masterwork of calm, cool and collected soul-pop heavily influenced by the sumptuously understated grooves and heavy emotional ache of the 80′s most tasteful Quiet Storm slow burns mixed in with a subtle nod to today’s quasi-underground dance trends and, at the core of it all, the careful caress of Ware’s velvety voice landing as a cross between Sade, Whitney and Aaliyah.

Of the set’s many throwback-y pleasures not already widely circulated, Devotion hits a divine peak with “Sweet Talk”, a mid-tempo offering that feels straight out of 1985 with the way it’s lush swatches of keyboard are perked up with fiery splashes of electric guitar and the pummeling judder of an archaic drum machine element.

The seemingly disparate sounds work together to beautifully bring to life the butterflies-in-stomach giddiness that bubbles inside Ware every time an old lover turns his slick mouth-piece in her direction. Sure, memories of their past attempts at a union warn her that things will likely end up bad again (“Don’t keep me with the kisses, there’s never any there when I need”), but every time his words hit her ear, her boundaries crumble and she’s slipped ever-so-deeper back in his clutches, left to do nothing but unleash smooth-as-silk coos that fully embody the blissfully mind-numbed love spell she’s momentarily fallen under once again.

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