Metal Bastard - Take A Load Off


Back when Metallica’s Load and Reload came out I kept hearing people say two things. Number one: They’re great if you just take them for what they are – heavy rock albums. Expecting thrash metal or even just metal will only set you up for disappointment.

Number two (tee hee): They’re too uneven and everyone would’ve been much happier had they just gotten rid of the filler and put the best songs on one disc.

I always agreed with number one. I never agreed with number two, because I never tried it out myself. So I did. I took what I consider to be the best songs off of the two albums and stacked ’em all together and called the whole thing Unload. Because I’m clever like that. I now agree with number two as well.

Oh I’m sorry, what did you say? Your favorite Load/Reload songs are not on here? Wow, thanks for letting me know. I’ll go give a shit right away.

(zip) Metallica – Unload

1. Ain’t my bitch
2. Fuel
3. 2 x 4
4. The memory remains
5. Devil’s dance
6. The house Jack built
7. Until it sleeps
8. King nothing
9. Hero of the day
10. Bleeding me
11. Cure
12. Where the wild things are
13. The outlaw torn

Pay for your music, chulo.

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