Metal Bastard - Coheed and Cambria Galore


You like Coheed And Cambria? I do, though it saddens me that they are so painfully uneven.

For every amazing track there’s at least two I could live without. So I did what I usually do – I took the best tracks and put them together to make one fucking excellent mix of awesomeness. And that means no songs from the first two albums, because they’re both balls.

57 minutes of 45 seconds of some of the best progressive, lofty, high faluting, intergalactic sci-fi comic book rock you can imagine, topped with the most underrated vocals known to man. If I had a buck for every person who has said they’d be into this band if they only had a different singer I would have… uhm, lots of bucks.


(zip) Coheed And Cambria galore (80 mb)

1. No world for tomorrow
2. The hound (of blood and rank)
3. Welcome home
4. Feathers
5. Here we are juggernaut
6. Ten speed (of god’s blood & burial)
7. The running free
8. Mother superior
9. World of lines
10. Made out of nothing (all that I am)
11. Wake up
12. The suffering
13. The lying lies & the dirty secrets of miss Erica Court

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