Mayor Mike's Midnight Surprise


The scene on Tuesday night, November 15th at Zuccotti Park in Manhattan. All Photos by Lauren Hawker.

Mayor Bloomberg’s ‘Midnight Surprise’ caught the sleeping protesters off guard on Monday night. However, his clearing of the park and cleaning of its grounds, combined with a media blackout as scores were arrested, may have sparked a growth in the movement’s numbers rather than achieving the intended desire to discourage it.

When asked what the goal was upon returning to Zuccotti Park, after a judge’s ruling made it possible to reenter albeit without camping gear, one protester told Third Eye:

“We want social justice, social equality…I lost two homes. Not one, two. My loan went into default. Now if they (bankers) got a big bailout, why didn’t you give me my house back? You got paid.”

Another protester, a steel worker from Northern California, admitted that he had come back for the same reason that he first went down to Zuccotti Park over the Summer.

Protesters reconvening at Zuccotti Park.

“I’m upset at our government. I think every one of our politicians is corrupt…Bought and paid for…it’s time for a change. Lobbying is bribery. Plain and simple.”

The “We are the 99 Percent” mantra has galvanized and united the thousands of disenchanted citizens who have taken to the streets throughout the country over the past sixty days. The movement, however, is still in search of a coherent path to bring about that change.

How this group, one that arguably gets bigger by the day, is able to truly bring about “social equality” is anyone’s guess. What is apparent, is that each time the authorities step in to slow the movement down, be it a cop using pepper spray or a park cleared for cleaning, the movement grows– as it did after Bloomberg’s sneak attack on Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning.

Written by: Lauren Hawker

A poster detailing Occupy Wall Street’s next possible course of action.