Swipe Wonder to See Cities

Sick of swiping left and right to browse for dates? Ditch the dating apps for one that allows you to swipe and bookmark great new restaurants, shops, and other forms of entertainment.

The new app, Wonder, is available for free in the iTunes Store for people looking for places to go out in New York or London. The places displayed on the app range from museums to eateries to fashion boutiques.

Screenshot by Nakie Uzeiri.

Similar to the dating app, Tinder, Wonder is designed for users to swipe right if they see something that catches their eye and swipe left if they’d rather pass. When swiping right on the app, the places of interest get logged into a ‘saved’ folder, allowing the user to check back on the locations at their leisure.

When I was perusing the app, what attracted me most about specific places was their display picture, but unfortunately there is a lack of photographic variety presented for the locations listed. It would be best for the spectators looking to go to these places if the app shared more photos of them (since Wonder is modeled after the Tinder style anyways).

Besides this minor technicality, Wonder also lets users click on the location’s photo for a short description and link to the place’s main site. Dollar sign ranges are included at the bottom of the locations as well which is very helpful with budgeting.

Screenshot by Nakie Uzeiri.

Although, another feature that would greatly benefit users would be reviews underneath the information tab of the location. Consumers greatly appreciate and trust customer reviews. I definitely prefer to read them before trying a new place, especially when it comes to restaurants; I’ll certainly swipe left if a review mentions food poisoning.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the app and will continue to use it to discover new places on weeknights and weekends. Since I find myself in London and New York fairly often, I know I will get great use of the app’s full potential.

Wonder is especially helpful for those of us who gets bored of going to the same places over and over again. In general, if you live in or plan to travel to either of these major cities, Wonder could serve as an advantageous tool to scope out new places to eat, drink, and be entertained.

Photo courtesy of Mostaque Chowdhury.