Creating with Generate

By Kenneth Miller

Image courtesy of Generate.

It’s hard to walk down the street nowadays without witnessing someone whipping out their phone in order to produce some type of content. Whether it’s photo, video, or audio, record numbers suggest ordinary people are consuming 6.9 million gigabytes of content daily. What likely comes with these statistics is an incessant desire for new content, pretty much all the time.

Contemporary abstract image-maker Malcolm Levy took notice of this ongoing digital demand. With the emergence of quality mobile software, Levy figured there had to be a way for people to compile, create, edit, and publish all within one sole tool. This thought eventually led him into founding Generate, an audio-visual mobile creation app.

“As mobile tools become more ubiquitous to daily production, we are looking at ways to engage users on multiple platforms,” Levy tells me, emphasizing the importance of mobile editing software. “Whether you are using multiple filters at the same time, audio reactivity, bringing in music to create videos, or using the customized slider to create new filter experiences, Generate is basically taking a process that would take a very long time, and bringing this into a focused few minutes or hours.”

Image courtesy of Generate.

Generate is pretty genius, even atypical for its market. With more than half of American adults now owning smartphones and 105 billion photos expected to be taken in 2015 alone, artists are seemingly reverting to their handy devices to snap photos they publish within seconds, sending copies off into the abyss of the internet world. Yet, oftentimes, consumers faddily move on to their next posting without any thought, ultimately disregarding the artistic standards inherent in apps like Instagram or Snapseed.

This unremitting cycle may leave our overly sensitive, sensory overload-prone society to many restless feels. But at least now–with Generate–they’ll be triggered by seamless, essentially matchless images.

Unafraid, I spent the better half of my Sunday playing around with the app, hoping to make sense of the off-hand tool as neither a photographer nor a visual artist. Unsurprisingly, I became dazed by Generate’s almost hypnotic (verging on psychedelic) approach to filtering. I couldn’t stop, nor did I want to. The more I filtered an image, the more tempted I was to share the final product on all of my social media accounts.

Photo using Generate by Kenneth Miller.

However, the true magic set once I added music to the image. Witnessing Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” literally bouncing my selfie across the screen, I screamed, feeling like a master digital “contemporary” artist.

The power is within each of us, and that’s what it’s all about, Levy hints.

Photo using Generate by Kenneth Miller.

“[Generate hopes to] expand creativity in the creation of visuals, videos, art, music, and post-photography,” he notes. “We want people to push what they think they can create on their phones, and be a part of [the digital art] revolution.”

Challenge accepted, Levy. Challenge accepted.