Reviewing PooTime


By Bill Tressler

Screenshot courtesy of Bill Tressler.

The toilet: a quiet, solitary place where humans are left to ponder the world’s greatest mysteries.

While sitting on the bowl grants a great opportunity for reflection, time on the toilet can prove to be lonely and boring as well.

Enter PooTime. Created by Harvard graduate Abel Acuna, this simplistic app aims to help users time, rate, and share their bowel movements through social media, all while keeping them entertained.

Screenshot courtesy of Bill Tressler.

After a short Kickstarter effort, Acuna and his team released PooTime to Apple’s app store, making it free to download for one month. In the name of science, I downloaded and spent some time with the app, and was surprised by its usefulness.

In order to enter the app, users must swipe a cute little poo icon down into a toilet bowl, automatically beginning a timer that records the length of the session.

Once inside, the app consists of three pages. The first is The Stall, the entertainment corner which displays posts on the timeline of the PooTime Facebook page. The second is a log book (no pun intended) featuring the date, time, and rating of each session. The third page offers sharing options, allowing users to contact the app’s developers or even post the details of their bathroom tryst via Twitter or Facebook.

The log book works very well. As users start “getting down to business,” a timer begins that tracks the length of each session. When done, the timer stops, and the app prompts users to rate their poo on a scale between one and five golden toilet paper rolls. The results of the bathroom session will be added to the log book, displaying the dates and times of each session, along with a rating for each. The function is useful for individuals who have digestive issues and perhaps a difficulty tracking their bathroom activities.

The other half of the app’s functionality comes from The Stall, where the developers promise to keep users amused with funny memes, viral content, and interesting reads to help facilitate a speedy and carefree deuce.

Screenshot courtesy of Bill Tressler.

While a great idea in theory, The Stall needs some work. Most entertainment content consists of viral videos of cute animal antics and humans accidentally hurting themselves. There has been little (read: none) in the way of written material, and the content is posted very inconsistently, with some days seeing five new items added, and on others, only one. While I find kittens drinking from baby bottles as adorable as the next guy, I also wouldn’t mind a little variety.

PooTime is an app with a mission: to keep toilet-goers entertained while tracking of their bowel movements. While the tracking aspect works flawlessly, I find the entertainment portion incomplete. The lacking is likely due to the small user base, which will hopefully improve as the app gains more fans.