Micromanage Your Life With the If That Then This (IFTTT) App

Technology are supposed to make your life easier. Then why are you spending so much time telling our life hacking tools what to do? Can’t the time saving apps on our phones coordinate with each other and actually save us time?

Enter IFTTT. The name stands for If That Then This. It’s a simple idea that could revolutionize our digital lives. Or at least the way you program your daily schedule.

IFTTT allows you to automate almost anything on your phone using if/and terms. You program the app with simple “recipes,” saying that if one thing happens, it should do something else.

After you logged into the app via Facebook or your Google account, you can set up a recipe. The most popular recipes are right on the home screen, such as getting a weather forecast, getting a news alert when there’s a breaking story on a particular subject or finding out when a top app is offered for free.

From there, you can get more cunning. A YouTube video showed how IFTTT can be hacked to turn on and off your Christmas tree lights.

Here’s where it gets fun.You can build your own IFTTT recipes to micromanage your life.

Once inside the IFTTT app, push the “+” button at the top of the screen. It will bring you to the next screen where you can modify your If this then that command.

It gives you options to trigger an action when something happens. If I push on the icon for The Chicago Transit Authority, I can choose a to get alerts related to options like change in service on a specific train line; Red Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line. This is the “If” part. IFTTT then allows you to choose an applet – such as Twitter, email, Gmail, Google calendar, etc—that you’d like to receive the notification on service changes.

Do you habitually forget to return missed phone calls? You can create a recipe where If you miss a call, then IFTTT can set up a reminder to return the call. Tired of adding redundant information to different productivity services? You can create new efficiencies by linking apps through IFTTT.

You could tell IFTTT that if there’s a new event on your work calendar, then you need it added to your to-do list apps.


Maybe if you download IFTTT, then that will finally get your life under control.