In App Form, At Least, Trump's a Great President

We’ve seen how Trump has operated as a president, but how does he operate as a creative muse for app developers? His Oval Office actions might be reckless and chaotic, but he’s inspired elegance and simplicity in coders.

Our favorite Trump apps take simple ideas and turn them into the president’s favorite color: gold. Here are some of the best.

1) DJ Trump

Have you ever wanted to put words into Donald Trump’s mouth? Now a free app lets you do just that. Type in the words you want Trump to say and hit submit. Donald says anything you want.

The app searches Trump’s speeches and statements and creates a video of The Orange One saying the words you put into his mouth.

For example, I want a video of Trump saying:

“I’m a big loser and like to eat Trump Steaks and grab pussy.”

(Which, I’m sure Trump has actually said at some point in real life.)
I type it in and the DJ Trump system checks for the words from a database of roughly 4,500 words, which, frankly, seems kind of high. Anyway, the messages are limited to 50 words and some words might not be in the database. Make a statement that works within that framework and you’ll have a video of Trump saying your words within seconds.

A fun app to make your own Trump mashup videos – an additional great feature would be a music track selection. DJ Trump is available on both iTunes and Google Play.

2) Trump’s Wall – Build It Huge

Through the Trump’s Wall – Build it Huge app, players help Donald build a huge wall on the Mexican border to avoid being fired.

First a disclaimer on the app that reads: “This game and its characters are entirely fictional.”


The app plays like Tetris. You steer animated Donald right and left as he’s perched on top of a crane and tell him when to drops concrete blocks. The goal is to build the most bigly wall possible without The Donald firing you.

Animated Trump provides color commentary while he builds, with choice comments including like the Cruz-dragging “it’s lyin’ Ted,” “I love global warming” and “I don’t need anybody’s money.”

My record was building a 10-foot wall for Trump. Think you can beat that? Check it out on iTunes and Google Play.

3) Donald Draws Executive Doodle

The Donald Draws Executive Doodle lets you create your very own Trump executive order memes. You paint your executive order and add text with your finger.

The app lets you create a two-page Trump executive order. For the first page, I create a simple image of our great leader with the words, “I am Trump.”

For the second page, I utilized the upload photo feature – that allows you to access your camera roll. Since Trump is from New York, I choose a photo I took of a Papaya Dog chili and cheese dog.

You can share your masterpiece via email, message and social media as a GIF or video.

Check it out on iTunes and Google Play.