EyeEm Selects and Its AI Photo Helper Curates Your Phone's Photo Gallery

Kids and pets don’t like sitting still. And with our most common photography subjects’ habit of staying in perpetual motion, composing the perfect still image is impossible. We end up taking lots of shots to compensate for movement. The result is a never ending digital camera roll that you’d have to be a robot to make sense of.

The stock photo website EyeEm has brought that robot to life. EyeEm selects curates your photos, spotting the Instagram-able diamonds hidden among the deletable rough.

EyeEm Selects uncovers overlooked photographic gems from your camera that might otherwise be lost. In the age of Instagram, everyone wants to be a star photographer and garner “likes” from social networks. EyeEm Selects gives chance to sell your images and make some cash as well as social media acclaim.

Using AI technology, EyeEm Selects evaluates your photos and highlight images based on composition, quality, and how well your shots would fare on the EyeEm stock photo marketplace.

EyeEm Selects lets you scan your photo library to see which images make the cut. Its criteria is more sophisticated than standard photo composition guideposts such as rule of thirds. The app operates on an algorithms informed by millions of photo choices made EyeEm users.

EyeEm Selects lurks right above your camera roll. You can instantly access the app if you need suggestions or evaluations about your shots.

Once you upload a photo, the interface offers filters and editing features. You can write about your image, and explain how you shot the image and what effects you used to let members of the EyeEm community learn from your photos.

Through the applet, you can try to sell the photo on the EyeEm marketplace. You can register your photos for sale through their stock photo agency and outlets such as Airbnb. And, like Instagram, the app allows you to follow other users and check out their photos.