Why Are We Surprised Megyn Kelly Interviewed Alex Jones?

Of course Megyn Kelly is bringing Alex Jones on her show. She doesn’t want us to forget where she came from. The Fox News superstar has moved to NBC but she’s intent on showing she’s still a conservative lunatic.

This is the same woman who in 2015 blamed Sandra Bland’s death on her noncompliance with orders from police who killed her after she was arrested for a traffic violation. Kelly’s response was to interview Sheriff David Clarke, who said he would be “embarrassed” if Bland were his daughter.

This is the woman who pointedly affirmed Santa’s whiteness.

Kelly has always catered to insane conservative trolls. She markets herself as a tough interviewer who doesn’t take anyone’s nonsense but she’s never been that. Yes, she confronted Trump about his horrible attitude toward women and became a martyr when he cried “PERIOD BLOOD” and suggested her menstrual flow inspired her questioning. But her follow-up interview with Trump, heavily sold to the public, was nothing but softball questions. It was obvious Kelly’s was trying to milk her newfound feminist following without alienating her conservative audience.

In the preview for her interview with Jones, she behaved no differently. She lounged and smiled the indulgent smile usually reserved for a slightly naughty but adorable child. Sure, she rejected his theory that Sandy Hook was fake but she might as well have responded with “how incorrigible.”

True, she said, “that’s a dodge” when he randomly pivoted from talking about Sandy Hook to discussing Iraq. But she said it in the way you talk to a child who just put your shoes on after making a mess. “I want to be mad at you but gosh darn you’re precious.”

Megyn Kelly has always been a mouthpiece for the far-right. She’s a racist conservative who caters to trolls no matter what network she’s on. Of course she gave Alex Jones a national platform to spew his hateful bull. He’s her favorite kind of asshole.