Lifestyle: Farewell to Night Bazaar


By Michele Bacigalupo

Brooklyn Night Bazaar, previously dubbed the best music venue in Greenpoint, is forced to shut down due to an exorbitant raise in rent. More than just a spot to catch live music, the Bazaar was a marketplace and entertainment arena. Admission was always free, allowing patrons to reserve spending for the attractions inside.

The DIY venue held widespread appeal with its various nightlife offerings. Upon entering the marketplace, restaurant staples such as Oaxaca Taqueria and Briskettown provided enticing aromas of mouth-watering food. Surrounding the live music stage were a collection of vintage arcade games, as well as blacklight mini-golf, and ping-pong tables. An array of vendor stands filled the rest of the room, displaying clothing, jewelry, and even a popup tattoo studio.

Michelle Zimmerman, jewelry designer and founder of Delicate Raymond, tells BTR that she is sad to see Brooklyn Night Bazaar come to an end.

She says that one of the biggest draws about the marketplace was the free entry–a rare feature to find in NYC.

“Most people work really hard and barely manage to pay rent here, let alone have money to do anything fun on the weekends,” she says.

Unable to meet the increase in rent–approximately eight times higher than what the venue was paying before–the Bazaar is expected to soon be replaced by a BMW dealership.

“It’s rich people taking away from poor people,” says Zimmerman.

However, a glimmer of hope persists for the venue. While the owners of Night Bazaar search for a new permanent location, the marketplace will endure a temporary stay at Riis Park Beach in Queens for the summer. Free concerts will continue on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

While some of the vendors will relocate to Riis Park Beach, not all of them are able to make the move.

The handcrafted high-end footwear company Ariana Bohling bids goodbye to its one physical location with the closure of the Greenpoint shopping center.

The company will changeover selling its inventory from Brooklyn Night Bazaar to out of of a storage unit, where it will be simple to manage online orders.

A representative of Ariana Bohling tells BTR that while the company averaged only one or two sales per session at Night Bazaar, the exposure was great for business.

Riis Park Beach Bazaar may not exactly fill the void of its Brooklyn predecessor, but it does have the advantage of beach and boardwalk access. A lineup of outdoor activities including volleyball and sand sculpting competitions are already scheduled for the summer.

All photos by Michele Bacigalupo.