Kanye’s Fashion Flop


By Rachel Simons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

In many ways, fashion has always been a strange and bizarre concept. Yes, humanity will never stop wearing clothes, but what makes certain threads “fashionable” and the factors that determine how much humans pay for them can be completely arbitrary and illogical.

Depending on the label’s reputation and how the outfits are marketed and sold, something as simple as a top or a pair of pants can range in price from a couple bucks to hundreds or thousands of dollars, all in the name of fashion.

It is this ridiculous paradox that helps create moments like Kanye West and Adidas’ fashion show at New York Fashion Week. Individually, both entities are well lauded in their fields: West won 21 Grammys and Adidas is a prominent sportswear line that has manufactured products for decades. Together, however, they managed to produce a fashion show filled with panty hose body suits and distressed, dingy separates that looked like they were stolen straight off the set of the newest dystopian movie thriller.

To a designer, getting to show your work at any Fashion Week is a dream come true. They don’t just casually pick a couple samples they have in stock and walk them down the runway. Couture labels will spend several months choosing fabrics, creating an overall design concept for the line, and sewing their finished products together. Other factors include finding a venue, hiring models, and choosing the perfect hair and makeup styles to help convey an artistic vision.

In other words, it takes a good deal of drive, dedication, and hard work for any designer to put on a show at New York Fashion Week before they even know whether the public is willing to buy their clothes. Yes, Kanye West is an arguably amazing musical artist, but it seems as if he just halfheartedly decided he wanted to create a clothing line and exploited his fame to make it happen.

If anybody else produced these “clothes,” the Fashion Week committee probably wouldn’t have even allowed their show in the first place. Yet, because they are “designed” by Kanye West and Adidas, the selling price for any of these pieces will almost assuredly be in the three-figure range.

Honestly, if you got inspired to rock an outfit made of nude panty hose and threadbare sweaters, just go to your local thrift store. Not only will you have to pay almost nothing, but you can succumb to the standards of Kanye to become fashion forward.