Sneaky ‘Skitchen’ Food


By Tanya Silverman

The peeled yellow banana peels down the wooden roller. The peeled orange airs off a plastic funnel half pipe as lemon skates up the slick inner surface of an open glass jar. Things get trickier as the yellow bell pepper railslides along the top of the door of a heated oven–and even riskier when the egg circles the brim of a pot full of boiling water.

So that’s what those sneaky edibles do in the kitchen when you’re not looking. Their “secret sporting life” is at last caught by Benoit Jammes’ photograph series, Skitchen.

Jammes is an artist, designer, and photographer based in “more or less Paris”. Powered by “desire and quite a bit of coffee,” Jammes has rendered other alluring series out of materials like cassette tapes or arm casts.

When I inquire Jammes about his athletic inspiration for Skitchen, he responds that he used to skate as a kid. Though he still likes skating, he currently prefers snowboarding and other crazy sports.

“I’m now more in artworks,” he explains, “so I decided to mix them and show everyone what’s happen[ing] in the kitchen when you turn [your] back…”

As for his culinary interests, Jammes says that he enjoys eating big meals after exercising, but admits he himself is a bad cook.

When I ask whether he’s influenced by any other types of food art, such as still-lives of meals or newer trends like photos on Instagram, Jammes responds:

“Still-life paintings [are] the base, and a start for such a lot of creations, even if we don’t realize it. I respect that. But please stop considering Instagram meals photography as art, it’s like calling McDonald’s a restaurant!”

After completing Skitchen, one must wonder: which kitchen ingredient is the best skater?

“It’s hard to answer because they all have their own style,” Jammes comments, “but I think that lemon should really teach some skate lessons to his friend tomato!”

Well, I’d have to go with the red onion for its stellar grind down the spaghetti string.

All photos courtesy of Benoit Jammes.