Quirky Online Museums


By Anjelica Blige

Photo courtesy of Jocarlo.

Here in New York City we have endless opportunities to go out and experience some of the most renowned and iconic museums on the planet. The MoMA, Met, and Guggenheim–just to name a few–house rare artistic masterpieces and various exhibits.

However, with the beauty of the illustrious internet we can all also experience some of the planet’s quirkiest museums from anywhere we may log in. These museums are not traditional in the sense of the works they show, but they do stop and make us ponder and process the pieces (as we do with all forms of art).

Casino Carpet Gallery

It may not seem as though the carpeting of a casino is what attracts people, but maybe they just haven’t looked around enough. If you’ve never been to a casino this museum will give you the chance to visit one–sort of. The museum exhibits the carpets of casinos around the country. The patterns pictured in Atlantic City are as eye-popping as looking into a kaleidoscope.

The Museum of Cigarette Packaging

You can hit the refresh button endlessly on this museum’s online interface. It’s like a continuous StumbleUpon page featuring images of cigarette packages from around the world. Note how all the European cigarettes look fancier and more appealing than US packaging.

Eggnog Project

Photo courtesy of Madeline Eiche.

As we escape the holiday season let us not forget how delicious and sometimes stomach-ache-inducing eggnog is. With a splash of rum or by itself eggnog is both delectable and beautiful. Yes, beautiful. Artist Madeline Eiche kindly put together pictures of eggnog cartons and displayed them for all us to experience. Some cartons display tasteful wintry pasturelands or cartoonish cow faces that entice the patron to pour a glass of eggnog.

Toast Museum

Not only is it a staple among breakfast foods, toasted bread makes a great canvas for art. Maurice Bennett of New Zealand took the food as a medium to produce art pieces, including portraits of some notable figures including President Barack Obama, Elvis, and even Eminem. Such creative work is impressive and appetizing to say the least.

The Washington Banana Museum

Based in Aurora, Washington and on the web the Banana Museum is home to banana memorabilia. If the subject matter is shaped like a banana or smells like one it is probably here. Take a look at the pictures where it seems just about everything can be found in banana form: baby bottles, psychedelic LP art, airplanes, soda, wood harmonicas, and so forth.