Hanukkah Knits


By Tanya Silverman

Photo courtesy of Dominic Alves.

Refined fashion forwardness has arrived this Hanukkah season.

Men’s camel-colored V-neck varsity cardigans with a Gimmel embroidered on the right chest. Women’s “Geltdigger” printed sweaters preciously accented with a classy white bow.

DKNY designs urbane jeans named after iconic Manhattan streets for the stylish city slicker. Geltfiend, a Hanukkah sweater manufacturer, designs printed sweaters named after Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Borough Park or Crown Heights for the urban celebrator. The company even sells a couple Catskills-themed selections for a bit of upstate outdoorsy flair.

Just like the tone of this article insofar, the vibe of Hanukkah sweaters is festively tongue-in-cheek. Acknowledging vendors market models of this holiday commodity as “outrageous.” Wearers are probably sarcastic, but hey, there could be someone out there who pulls off the sweater with two grinning cartoon dreidals dancing under a lit menorah as a serious fashion statement.

Photo courtesy of Eugene Kim.

As with Christmas sweaters, some of the Hanukkah-themed selections take things way over the top with ecstatic cheesiness. There are mass produced bright polyester print faux sweaters that are accented with 2-D star-of-David pseudo ties. In the DIY sphere, some get crafty by embellishing their ugly Hanukkah sweater with 3-D objects, be it glittery gift ribbons, tiny metal bells, or plush dreidels (or plastic ones for the minimal-effort types).

Some Hanukkah sweaters say silly statements like “Love peace and latke grease” or reference that annoyingly memorable Adam Sandler number by embroidering and illustrating “Gin & Tonica” on the montage.

Hanukkah sweaters aren’t a huge phenomenon, but they certainly compose their own niche in the department of tacky holiday wear. These silly garments are an option of something to rock at your next seasonal ugly sweater party, keep warm while you play dreidel with kids, or even guard your delicate skin from dangerous sizzling oil splatter when you’re frying potato latkes.