Knitty Cats


By Tanya Silverman

Knit cat ear hat.

When Katty Huertas describes her cats as “chunky” and “vegan,” she’s being sincere.

Okay, that’s not really regarding her pet cats, but rather, her knitwear. Her line includes cute cat-eared beanies, but also pom-pom hats, braided headbands, loopy capelets, long cowls, and other classy, crafty pieces.

Huertas considers her style “a little eclectic” and dependent on her moods.

Chunky Crochet Hat & Warmer Scarf Cowl in Avocado.

“I take a lot of inspiration from the ‘60s mod fashion and that may be why they are so colorful and playful,” she continues. “But sometimes more classical ‘40s-inspired things catch my eye.”

Huertas names her grandmother as her original influence, noting the beautiful knitted garments she often received from her elder. For Huertas’ own pieces, she says she chooses a vegan yarn largely because it’s itch and cruelty free (unlike wool).

Though most of her selections on Etsy are solid colors, Huertas can knit up custom-made cat hats if you send her a photo of your favorite feline. There’s a Siamese one featured on the site.

So, is there any correlation between the Katty name and the subject matter of the hats? Indeed, there is: Huertas adapted her name from “Katy” to “Katty” for its similarity to “kitty” when she was a teenager.

“I also live with two cats and as an artist I recreate my own reality that’s why they are present in a lot of my work,” she says, “from my knits to my illustration and ceramics.”

Because she resides in Miami, Huertas says she does not get to wear her knitted accessories on a constant basis, however, the novelty of sporting them when she’s actually in cooler climates makes it all the more special. Even when there’s heat in her home surroundings, Huertas still loves to knit pieces for people in colder places, providing others with the comfort of Floridian warmth.

Photos courtesy of Katty Huertas.