Fall Fashion Strategies


By Tanya Silverman

Photo courtesy of Claire Geist.

Fall’s here. On come the extra clothes.

Winter’s coming. On come… even more clothes.

As we continuously bundle, how can we keep things creative with all these extra garments? A tasteful touch of puff may be nice, but no one wants to overdo the insulation and stroll the streets looking like a marshmallow.

For some advice on how to manage the dropping temperatures, I consult Claire Geist, the New York-based redhead who runs the style blog, De Lune.

She professes her philosophy: play with proportion, and combine shapes.

“Maybe I’ll wear something cropped underneath a long jacket,” she describes. “The combination I’ll usually go for is turtleneck, sweater, cardigan, long jacket.”

Regarding the last layer, Geist loves the long lines the jackets cast, where their flowing forms render an aesthetic that’s dark, mysterious, and dramatic.

Crafty layering can also help us keep out that lovely summer dress we’d rather not stow away completely for the season. Thicker strapped dresses, Geist says, can go well with a tight turtleneck underneath.

Then there are accessories. Geist takes to topping black or crocheted knee socks over patterned tights, or adding a splash of color to amp up the dark demeanor–for instance, a bright red hat or scarf. Working in vintage fashion, Geist gets exposure to wearable items from other eras. Silk ascots are one accessory she mentions for women to experiment with for warmth.

Experimenting with layers. Photo courtesy of Claire Geist.

As for De Lune this Fall, Geist is into the idea of including more studio visits with artists and designers. But in terms of what she’ll feature in modeling her own outfits, she has no predetermined plan for this season–what she wears is highly dependent on her mood.

“It’s a very day-to-day, week-to-week endeavor,” she remarks on the spontaneity of her site and style.