Artist Profile: Butt Plug Protest


By Zach Schepis

Photo courtesy of Fernando Sosa.

By now the world has heard Donald Trump’s racist remarks regarding Mexican immigrants. According to the GOP 2016 presidential candidate, they are “bringing drugs, bringing crime, and they’re rapists.”

Obviously these ignorant words are as hollow as the frazzle-haired tycoon’s cash-laden heart.

Either way, it’s not surprising that there has been some backlash. The son of recently-escaped Mexican drug lord El Chapo contacted Trump via Twitter and warned the presidential frontrunner that he would make him swallow his “bitch words.” Cuban-American rapper Pitbull is boycotting all of Trump’s hotels and casinos, and networks NBC and Univision have cancelled the billionaire’s programs.

For the every-day Joe that thinks Trump is an asshole, and dreams of having the chance to tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine, there are now Donald Trump butt plugs for exactly that.

Meet Fernando Sosa–the 32-year-old 3D printing artist born and raised in Mexico. Sosa, who currently resides in Florida, attended school to study 3D animation and started his own business selling iPhone cases and docking stations.

One day Sosa discovered that the tyrannical Russian President Vladimir Putin was passing national laws intended to persecute gays. In retaliation, the artist started printing butt plug sex toys resembling the Eastern European leader.

One plug even features Putin decked out in S&M gear, kneeling on all fours. Customers who purchase the miniature figure even have the option of sharpening their pencils inside of the President’s ass. It’s called “Vlad the Impaler.”

Photo courtesy of Fernando Sosa.

“It definitely got a lot of Russians mad,” Sosa tells BTR. “I started receiving lots of emails and death threats. But it’s my best-selling butt plug.”

But the buzz behind the Putin butt plug is now seemingly surpassed.

Upon hearing Trump’s hateful remarks towards his own people, Sosa decided to act. His Trump butt plug is now causing more commotion than any of his others combined. Not only has it attracted attention from a flurry of mainstream media outlets, but it’s also increased sales of his other butt plug caricatures, including Jeb Bush, Kim Jong-un, and Mayor Rob Ford (who innocently holds a giant crack rock).

The plugs are made using extremely fine sandstone powder that is printed in layers. Think of really smooth grout material assembled together with lasers.

Sosa maintains that the toys are meant to serve as a form of protest and satire towards homophobic and racist leaders. While they’re not actually meant to be used, Sosa says that some people put a condom around them and do so anyway.


“I couldn’t believe Trump said those things,” Sosa tells BTR. “I was working on a Jeb Bush butt plug at the time, and decided to drop what I was doing so I could give Donald his proper treatment. I stayed up until 2am and by the morning they were up for sale on the site.”

Thus far Sosa has sold nearly 300, with sales expected to grow.

So what’s next?

“I just got commissioned by a radio station to make an ultrasound probe with the head of Scott Walker,” says Sosa with a laugh. “But don’t worry, it’s not usable.”

To hear more of our interview with Fernando Sosa, tune into this week’s episode of Third Eye Weekly.