‘Trivia Crack’ Addict?

ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTORS Molly Freeman Veronica Chavez Dane Feldman

By Molly Freeman, Veronica Chavez, & Dane Feldman

Photo by Molly Freeman.

Trivia Crack is a newly popular trivia game that is playable on mobile phones and Facebook. Given its recent rise to popularity, we at BTR wondered if the game will be 2015’s answer to the wildly popular Candy Crush Saga.

Molly’s Take

I’ve always enjoyed playing video games, though it’s more of a casual and nostalgic past time (I’d prefer to replay The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the dozenth time than try a newer game). So playing games on my iPhone during my commute to work is perfect for me and I’ve played all the most popular ones: Candy Crush, Temple Run, Papa Pear Saga, TwoDots, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Diamond Digger Saga, etc.

Trivia Crack is my newest obsession, though I’ve quickly become a bit bored of it. Unlike games with different levels to beat, Trivia Crack is always the same trivia game no matter if you’re challenging a friend or a stranger.

While Trivia Crack may eventually rise to the same heights of popularity as Candy Crush, the former’s lack of dynamic game play may inevitably hold it back as people grow bored.

Veronica’s Take

I remember when I first started playing Candy Crush. I had hopped on the bandwagon before I even knew it had a cult following. Soon enough, I figured out that people were obsessed.

When I finally weaned off my Candy Crush addiction, I told myself I wouldn’t get hooked on another game that would rile me up to such an extent.

Then I discovered Trivia Crack. I haven’t relapsed completely (I’ve only been playing random online opponents). But, I predict that once I get my friends to join, I’ll be sucked back into the iPhone game vortex. At least this time around, it’ll be a little more educational.

Dane’s Take

Growing up, I was not a gamer in the popularized sense of the term. But when I bought my first smartphone (a BlackBerry Curve), I became immediately addicted to Brick Breaker. I then realized my weakness for casual games.

When the BlackBerry craze died out and I bought an iPhone, I played Temple Run until I was seeing the maze in my sleep. Then came Candy Crush. Soon after deleting Candy Crush, came my addiction to TwoDots. Eventually, I deleted that game too.

Now, we are in the era of Trivia Crack and I am addicted. Trivia Crack is crack. I play the moment I wake up. I drain my battery on my way to work. I play on my way home. I get in bed early and play for two hours. I have played for just under two weeks and I have already reached level 57. (Oops.)

Is Trivia Crack this year’s Candy Crush? I’m leaning toward yes, but only if that means Candy Crush was 2014’s Temple Run and Temple Run was 2012’s Brick Breaker.