‘90s Fashion Throwbacks


By Rachel Simons

Photo courtesy of Grel A.

Everybody loves to reminisce about the shows, games, and music of the ‘90s, but what about the fashion? You may not notice it at first, but the garb of the grunge era had a long-lasting impact on the beloved flannels and floral print dresses worn by today’s hipsters. While some of these trendy outfits you can still find out on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, other garments are better left in the back of your closet never to be rediscovered.

Here is a short list of the best and worst clothing options that the ‘90s gave us:

Jelly Sandals

Photo courtesy of zoe biggs.

Cheap, plastic, and glittery, these sandals were all the rage among the elementary and middle school crowd. While nowhere near as prevalent as they once were, jelly shoes have come back into fashion in other forms like ballet flats and beach thongs for adults to wear. Instead of asking your mom for allowance money, you can now go out and buy them yourself.

Bucket Hats

Photo courtesy of Peter Stevens.

Why it became cool to wear a hat normally associated with grandparents out on the golf course remains a mystery to this day. You will no longer see musicians rocking bucket hats in their videos, but you can still find the random old person keeping it real as they walk around.

Floral Print Baby Doll Dresses

Photo courtesy of Maegan Tintari.

Besides for a short period of time when everybody became obsessed with “futuristic” fashion in the early oughts, you can definitely make the argument that these cute dresses never really left our cultural consciousness. These are selling off the racks in stores like H&M and Forever 21, and pairing your flowery frock with knee-high socks and some combat boots will continue to be a thing for a long time to come.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Originally considered nothing more than a functional garment by farmers, denim overalls (and overall dresses) made a resurgence in the ‘90s as the go-to clothing for every hip teenager to sport. The fad eventually died out, but you can still find the lone pair in your local department store if you look hard enough. Whether or not this is a good thing is up to you to decide.

Flannel Shirts

Photo courtesy of Joe St.Pierre.

Ah, the flannel. Once worn open to display your Nirvana band t-shirt, now buttoned closed to show off your inner-hipster lumberjack. Whichever way you choose to wear it, the flannel shirt will always embrace you in a warm, cottony hug.