Halloween Done Digital


By Jordan Reisman

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

We’re always looking for new ways to celebrate Halloween. This year, granted that we all have a smartphone (which by now seems standard issue for every baby), we can celebrate Halloween digitally in ways that were inconceivable before. Yes, I am talking about Halloween apps.

The same old Halloween pranks and scares can get played out pretty quickly, and so app developers everywhere are working furiously to figure out innovative ways to trick or treat the public. No, they can’t physically hand you candy or let you relive the first time you saw Michael Myers, but as far as digital spookiness goes, these apps certainly have their offerings.

The cornerstone of any successful Halloween is the costume, right? Why should you have to rely on your own creative imagination to put one together? Let an app do it! Digital Dudz lets you create your own iCostume such as the “Zipper iWound” or “Zombie Eyeballs”. Because they sell their own branded t-shirts to complement their **free** app, users can transfer these digital animations right into their shirts! It’s like a scary version of Cher Horowitz’s closet. You’re not even limited to Halloween because the app includes “Ugly Christmas Sweaters”–so basically, you’re covered all year round.

Spooky Jordan using Horror Cam. Photo by Jordan Reisman.

Halloween is a time of fun, scares, and… selfies? If you download the **free** Horror Cam app, you can take a picture of yourself (or whoever) at a party and instantly creep-ify the portrait! Horror Cam lets you use filters such as “splatter,” “gothic,” and “corrosion” among countless others. We guarantee you no pic of yours–besides the one of you in the morning before you’ve had your coffee–can look so creepy.

There are those who like to get scared just to be part of Halloween tradition and there are those who like to take things to the extreme. Enter Haunting Melissa. This app acts as an interactive video that resembles its namesake 2013 horror film about a girl who went missing after being haunted in an abandoned farmhouse by her dead mother. Now imagine an app that captures that as you watch alone in the dark. Yeah.

Very simply, if you’re already going into Halloween expecting to be scared, why not start things off the night before? Night Terror by the Horror Channel has notifications to wake you up as you’re falling asleep by whispering, “Open your eyes,” or even shouting a nice blood-curdling scream. C’mon, you get 364 days of uninterrupted sleep so why not ruin it for this one day?

If you’re into Reddit conspiracy theories AND paying hard-earned money for spooky Halloween apps, consider plunking down $3.99 for Slender Rising 2. The app’s a take on the Slenderman meme we’re all so fond of. On your phone, it acts more like an interactive game, asking you to solve puzzles to liberate “lost souls.”

So there you have it, five apps designed to ensure your spookiest Halloween yet. However you want to celebrate the holiday, whether it’s playing with a new app or curling up on the couch with your favorite horror flick, make sure candy corn is involved.