Lemon Water Won't Save You

Whether motivated by holiday-induced weight gain or by alcoholic benders, even the laziest among us can fall into harmful fad diets around the new year.

To avoid wreaking unintentional havoc on your body, try following these basic guidelines:

First and foremost, no one should begin a nutritional plan without properly researching the health benefits and risks of their chosen regimen.

Potential dieters should make certain to educate themselves on side effects of specific diets, and learn how to supplement these diets with exercise in order to maximize results in a way that improves—rather than punishes—the body.

Eat Solid Food!
No, that lemon juice starvation cleanse is not going to help in the long run. Detox teas and juices appear harmless, but in reality, they can highly aggravate the stomach and intestines by stripping them of healthy bacteria.

Fans of this cleanse swear they drop pounds in mere days, but that’s likely just due to hours spent hunched over or on top of the toilet.

Digestive systems run delicately, and denying the body solid food can cause permanent damage to the intestines and stomach. Furthermore, depriving the body of necessary calories can result in additional complications, such as heart palpitations and muscle loss.

Carbs Aren’t Evil
Without mincing words, the body needs carbohydrates in order to function. Cutting them out completely is the epitome of an ill-advised health mistake.

A healthy body requires that a large portion of daily calories must derive from carbs, to prevent the burning of muscle tissue rather than fat.

While cutting carbs may prove beneficial in certain cases, the key to losing weight in a healthy, sustainable manner is not to eliminate them entirely.

You Have To Work For It
Cutting specific foods and abstaining from chewing won’t result in long-term weight loss, and can actually encourage a quick weight gain once these diets conclude.

Any pill or cleanse that claims to melt away fat without the addition of an exercise plan should be treated as a scam. Real weight loss requires hard work. Period.

In sum, fad diets are little more than a quick and effective means of harming the stomach, heart, digestive tract, and muscle tissue. This holiday season, treat your body well, and take the time to research a balanced alternative to crash diet solutions.

Feature photo courtesy of Pexels.com.