Let's Get Physical

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There are a number of reasons people exercise and stay fit, but there’s one people mention only obliquely. Sure, folks are working out for personal health and wellness, but let’s face it—just about everyone hitting the gym is doing so in the hopes of hitting the bedroom sometime in the future. People want to look and feel desirable, and exercising is one way many achieve both.

Sex is a physical activity in itself—so if people are going to the gym with the eventual motivation of bumping uglies, why not just cut out the middleman?

PornHub, one of the most popular pornographic sites on the Internet, had the same idea. That’s what spawned the creation of BangFit, a workout program that tracks your fitness while slapping bellies. As Chris Jackson, a member of the communications team explains, the inspiration behind it was not much different than your average fitness program.

“We’ve all had a virtually unused gym membership or have some sort of fitness contraption collecting dust in the garage,” Jackson tells BTRtoday. “It’s easy to get excited about exercising but it’s hard to keep that excitement up.”

By combining exercise with everyone’s favorite activity, BangFit is designed to bring that extra motivation to working out that pushes people over the top. Users simply log into a website on their phone, attach the phone to their waist with the specially designed BangFit Band—or as the website says, “by any means necessary”—and follow along with the assigned exercise. Workouts are designed for one, two, and even three players.

“The game was designed for users to take part in a full-body workout, but one that wouldn’t be too intense for first timers,” Jackson says. “Each routine consists of four two-minute ‘sexercises’ with a short break in between to catch your breath.”

Like any other exercise routine or program, it’s important to take the proper precautions, which BangFit stresses on its site. Of course, when it comes to sexual activity, that includes more than just stretching and staying hydrated.

“The one additional precaution that we urge users to take is to use protection whenever they take part in a two or three player routine,” Jackson says. “After all, here are dangers much more serious than a pulled muscle.”

The program has received an abundance of coverage across the Internet, and despite its novelty, media buzz is nothing new for PornHub. The website has become almost as famous for its clever marketing campaigns as for its porn. From its G-rated ad in Times Square to temporarily changing its logo to Prince’s symbol shortly following the famed musician’s death.

According to Jackson, the response to BangFit has been largely positive, but he admits while the company would be pleased if a large number of people ended up using the program, they’d ultimately be happy if people just decided to become more active in general. Though it appears more like a marketing campaign than a legitimate fitness program, the attitude behind it is positive and lighthearted.

“The whole point of the program is to remind people that any kind of physical activity is good for their health,” Jackson says. “It just so happens that sex is the most fun.”