Nights in Pink Velour: Reflecting on Juicy Couture


By Sara Coughlin

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

That hideous shriek that echoed through your local mall at the end of June wasn’t coming from the One Direction display at FYE, like you first suspected. What you heard were the sorrowful cries of a generation of young women who came of age in a simpler, more rhinestone-laden time.

In other words, July 2014 is the month we learn to live in a post-Juicy Couture world. The women’s fashion giant, best known for its fitted hoodie and sweatpant sets (available in either velour or terrycloth), closed all of its US stores as of Jun 30.

The startling announcement led me to reflect on a golden age of culture: the early 2000s. Lindsay Lohan had red hair and an average BMI, cellphones had hinges on them, and if you were a female who self-identified as a tween, you would go to inhuman lengths to get your hands on anything Juicy.

I nursed my tiny sample of their first fragrance until the bottle was dry, resisting the urge to douse my entire flat-ironed head with it. I gazed with awe at how Paris Hilton, among other glossy celebs, struck a delicate balance between lux and everyday fashion, pairing her pink Juicy sweatsuit with a Von Dutch trucker hat. That was exactly what Juicy Couture was to so many of the TigerBeat set: luxury! At nearly $300 for a full suit made of a glorified towel, one would hope it came with some status.

Photo courtesy of Janine.

So what? Abercrombie & Fitch learned to evolve, so why is Juicy Couture’s image contained to this specific era?

Indulge in all the nostalgia for one moment and consider that we used to be allowed to be honest about dressing in comfortable clothing. It was only when nerve-numbing skinny jeans started to overshadow velvety track pants that Juicy became a joke.

Juicy’s fading out is not to say that the company will never find its way back into the public appeal. This Fall, they’re looking to relaunch the brand online and in high-end boutiques. I wish them the best, and would like to say that if Juicy makes a comeback, so should Lindsay.