Fashion: Are Heelys Rolling Back?


By Nakie Uzeiri

Photo courtesy of Dan Taylor.

It was just like any Saturday at the mall–crowded, loud, kids running away from their parents–or I guess they were rolling, rather than running in this case. I was strolling out of Forever 21 when I saw a kid around the age of 11 rolling around on his heels. I chuckled after my initial reaction of shock, then pointed the sight out to my sister, “Did you see that?”

Her response was similar to mine, “They still make those?”

Apparently they are still making and selling Heelys, and shoppers are buying!

I remember the fad greatly from my middle school days–kids zipping around the hallways and getting demerits for their use of the banned shoes in our school. Students were allowed to wear the sneaker itself, but the wheel needed to be removed at the start of the school day. Though deviant, Heelys were definitely a huge trend.

I had seen it a few other times as well, kids rolling around the street with their families instead of walking, and then there was that kid at the mall. Then it had me thinking, are Heelys coming back?

Photo courtesy of Dan Taylor.

I ventured into Journeys Kidz and sure enough, the first large display in the center of the store contained various styles of Heelys. When employee, Nyasia, asked me if I needed any help I asked her about the sneaker.

She definitely noticed the recent revival of youth on wheels, reporting, “The kids are buying them like crazy. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the advertisements they’ve been seeing on television lately. They’ve definitely been selling really well and I’ve seen a lot of kids wearing them around in general.”

When Nyasia mentioned the advertisements on TV might be what is attracting the shoes to children, she was correct. Heelys have been up on their advertising game lately. The company released a commercial in 2014 featuring cool kids shredding up the streets on their heels and recently sponsored Nickelodeon’s 2015 Kids Choice Awards.

So it does turn out that Heelys are making a comeback with today’s youth, but what do you say? Will you be buying yourself a pair of these snazzy kicks?