Toning It Up For Summer

By Nakie Uzeiri

Photo courtesy of Mish Sukharev.

From starring on Bravo’s fitness show, Toned Up, to exercising on the sunny beaches of California, trainers Karena and Katrina are preparing and inspiring thousands by challenging and motivating their minds and bodies. Their online program, Tone It Up has now taken over the pre-summer season with its Bikini Series, which entails eight weeks of dedication and hard work.

Tone It Up is different in the sense that these fitness vloggers are helping people lead a healthy lifestyle on their own terms, like using alternative ingredients in their cooking and building muscle–hence the catchy duo’s site name.

Focusing on mental health is just as important while trying to better your lifestyle, which is something they bring up fairly often. They encourage participants to align the “mind and body through visualization exercises, daily meditations,” met by “confidence-boosting tips.”

Women involved in the Tone It Up community are extremely enthusiastic and devoted toward achieving their goals–whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, eating clean, or simply feeling confident for the swimsuit season.

Participants also partake in countless Instagram challenges, share meal plans and recipes, offer hair or skin care tips, and discuss weekly fitness schedules to help maintain consistency throughout their processes. Karena and Katrina are open to help anyone willing to train alongside them as well as make them feel part of the Tone It Up community.

The Instagram challenges that complement the different series usually involve a range of small and large prizes. For example, the summer 2015 Bikini Series Challenge winner will receive the grand prize trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico.

So you gain confidence in yourself and a free trip to Mexico? Sign me up.

While it might be a tad late to enroll in the eight-week summer series now, the trainers still use their YouTube channel to feature various workout routines and tips for non-participants. The videos are actively available year round.

So if you feel like you’re getting judged for watching Netflix, even by the service itself–like when it asks, “still watching?” Of course I am, Netflix–you can feel a little less guilty by taking out 30 minutes of re-watching episodes of The Office and instead take on one of Karena and Katrina’s (killer) HIIT workouts.

Besides their Bikini Series, which usually occurs throughout an eight-week span before the first day of summer, Karena and Katrina host other programs and challenges throughout the year, such as Frisky Fall (eight weeks) and the Love Your Body Series (six weeks).