Blossom with Rose Fitness NY

Rose Fitness NY is a personal training company that changes the way you exercise. BTRtoday spoke with the founder of Rose Fitness NY, Jesse Rosenthal, about how accountability is vital to training with him and his associates and how the fitness industry is evolving.

BTRtoday (BTR): What inspired you to enter personal fitness and start your own company?

Jesse Rosenthal (JR): Throughout college, I was personal training at Equinox. I really liked [training] and really liked fitness in general. It was fun, cool, and a great part-time job, but upon graduation, it was more important than I thought it was. I was working at Morgan Stanley my senior year of college, and on my last day there [one of the full-time employees] had a heart attack and died. It made me realize that fitness is more important than something fun to do–it’s serious, and about your health. The guy was only 52 and it really hit home for me. I have family members that are 52. Experiencing itself was the turning point.

BTR: How does Rose Fitness NY differentiate itself from other personal fitness programs?

JR: We’re diverse. We don’t have a set location or a studio or gym where people will come workout. The gym setting is the most common setting to lose weight and get results. There are some people who know what they’re doing or they do research and figure it out, but most people go to the gym and don’t know what they’re doing or know what’s best for them. Rose Fitness is different because we come to their personal gym in their homes or office buildings. There’s a whole lot of accountability involved. For our online programs, everything is customized for them and personalized so that Rose Fitness trainers can know if the client worked out [for any given day]. The app we use works with MyFitnessPal, too. These accountability tasks, in addition to the community we nurture through a private Facebook group, all adds up to a unique experience.

BTR: I always find myself enjoying my work outs, but let myself slide too often. That extra accountability is great. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my trainer, especially since you can call me out just by looking at the app! [Laughs]

JR: Exactly! I know if you’re sticking to the program, Joe! Don’t disappoint me! [Laughs]

BTR: Could you describe the program? Does a client need to have a gym membership or a ton of workout equipment at home?

JR: No gym membership is needed. It’s completely personalized whether in-person or online. If [a client is] going with one of our online programs, it’ll be customized to work with what’s available to them. There are no specific workouts and [the program will] incorporate what their goals are. For the people who want to work out 30-minutes a few times a week to get in shape, that’s a realistic goal without having a gym membership or equipment—but if someone is looking to be a bodybuilder and doesn’t have any equipment or a gym membership, we might have to recommend they start one, but that hasn’t happened yet! [Laughs]

BTR: What’s the future of Rose Fitness NY? Are you interested in opening a studio?

JR: I’m not interested in opening a studio, because we currently have no limit as to whom we can help. We train mostly in Manhattan and Queens, but there’s no need to get a studio to limit who we can help. But one thing I do have planned is to work with more trainers to expand our team. I hope to work with more trainers to let them run their own programs under the umbrella of Rose Fitness. It’d be all their business, but we’d coach trainers how to reach out to clients and provide resources for them.

BTR: Anything else you’d like to add?

JR: Everything [in the fitness industry] is changing. We don’t need a gym membership to help you get fit–it’s knowing what to do and knowing what’s best for your body. You have access to all these tools and all these pieces of equipment and that’s great, but we don’t approach fitness like that. Using health insurance as an analogy, going to the gym would be like going to whatever hospital accepts your insurance, but without the doctors to help you when you get there. We’re the doctors. We’ll help you get fit with what you have available to you.