Ready to Rumble

Down the block from BTRtoday’s headquarters on 23rd St. is Rumble, a new group exercise class that’s ready to take the fitness world by storm. We spoke to Rob Sulaver, a founding trainer at Rumble, to find out everything there is to know about the new workout.

BTRtoday (BTR): What is Rumble boxing?

Rob Sulaver (RS): Rumble is a boxing-inspired workout. It’s high-energy, fun, and brand new. Half the time is spent on our aqua bags and the other half is doing strength and body weight conditioning.

BTR: What are aqua bags?

RS: They’re punching bags filled with water. Fun to hit, they’re like punching a water balloon. The water absorbs the energy of the hits, which helps people new to the class and is easier on the joints than a heavy bag. Because you can get underneath the aqua bags, uppercuts are so much sweeter. Instead of your knuckles uppercutting a heavy bag at an awkward angle, uppercuts on an aqua bag feel more like punching another boxer.

BTR: How long are each of classes?

RS: Each class is a 45-minute workout with a five-minute pre-class. Before the class begins, the pre-class runs through the foundations of boxing with the six punches: jab, cross, front hook, rear hook, front uppercut, and rear uppercut. Then comes the workout with a five-minute warmup and 10 rounds, half boxing and half strength and conditioning.

Courtesy of Rumble

BTR: You mentioned the workouts are high-energy and fun. Do you play music?

RS: Yes! Our sound system is magic with an incredible night club quality. It’s hard to describe, but just seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces during the workout with the music… It’s invigorating and exciting, and makes you want to work really hard.

BTR: How do you pick the music for your classes?

RS: We [the founding trainers] all spend a long time working on our playlists. The identity of Rumble is in large part influenced by music. We all put together a massive list of music that inspires us, and we use that list to make our own playlists for our classes. We play the music that inspires us as athletes to work really hard.

BTR: What sets Rumble Boxing apart from niche workouts like CrossFit, Zumba, SoulCycle, etc.?

RS: It’s been a collaborative effort from the start. The founding team has allowed us to bring all our specific strengths to the table. Our identities and unique strengths make Rumble different. People want to hang out after the workouts. The locker rooms are beautiful and spacious, the lights are sexy. The program design of the workout itself is super thoughtful and considered.

Courtesy of Rumble

BTR: Would I be able to take a class at Rumble being rusty or without having much experience? Are there any prerequisites for Rumble?

RS: We designed this workout for people interested in boxing without a lot of experience. The workout is very scalable. Because of that it is welcoming to newcomers but challenging for advanced trainers. There aren’t any prerequisites. As long as you’re willing to try something new and exciting, Rumble is perfect for you. We try our best to make sure people new to boxing are welcomed and comfortable in our classes and facilities.

BTR: What’s your favorite part about Rumble?

RS: Oh, that’s easy: The family, the crew. You can tell when there’s a close-knit family. [Rumble’s] our baby. We’ve been working on Rumble for so long. Our energy carries into the clients. It’s sort of like stepping into your best friend’s house who happens to be a boxer. The family aspect and all the people involved make Rumble special.

Rumble Flatiron/Chelsea opened Jan. 17, 2017 and is located at 146 West 23rd St. in New York, New York. Another location in NoHo will open in late spring/early summer.