In an interview with the Village Voice this April, Jacques Greene talked about how he got his start in producing. Unlike most producers of the day, he started producing with analog equipment first and learned how to use production software later. “I was 13 or 14. I got a summer job and saved up and bought an MPC1000. Then a few years later, I learned how to use [the software studio] FruityLoops [before I learned to] use Ableton [Live, also software-based]. But I started with a MPC. And then the moment I finished college I worked a bunch and saved up and started buying synthesizers.” Greene’s productions are so layered and complex at times it almost seems impossible that his tunes are made entirely on analog equipment. At the same time, the fact that Jacques uses actual synthesizers and drum machines when composing his work gives his productions that clean, haute couture sound that he has come to be known for.

JG’s next release is called Ready EP; it comes out on July 16th through Martyn’s 3024 label. We’ve been looking forward to its release for a minute now, since we heard the EP’s title track as part of Martyn’s Essential Mix from earlier this year and its second track, “Prism,” when Martyn guest DJ’d on Rinse FM last month. The third track off of the EP, “Dakou,” is the only one that we hadn’t heard before. From a sonic standpoint it seems to complement the EP’s other two tracks well. Through his use of analog equipment on this EP, Jacques Greene evoques a certain style and sophistication that can only be truly witnessed twice a year during fashion week in Paris. You can almost imagine Riccardo Tisci crafting his next ready-to-wear line with this EP playing in the background in between sipping glasses of Veuve Clicquot at his atelier in Paris. Stream the excellent Ready EP below.

via LFTF