LBPT - Q&A with Two Inch Punch (London)


Based in London, Ben Ash makes modern, maximalist R&B, all breakbeat drum samples and Technicolor synths. Equally warm are the human elements: reverb-laden guitars, live pianos, impassioned and screwed vocals. This union—between the robotic and human—is made possible by a pop sensibility that is universal. Check LBPT’s exclusive Q&A below. One.

LBPT: How did you get into making tunes?

TIP: I was influenced by my dad & mum who are musical and they brought me up jamming at home.

LBPT: Saturn: The Slow Jams EP comes out July 16th. What’s the story you’re telling?

TIP: Slow jams, love songs and R&B are what I was brought up on but I’m influenced by electronic music with a twist, futuristic sounding synths and warped bass lines, which ties in with the space, sci-fi theme.

LBPT: ‘Paint It Red’ features Mikky Ekko all the way from Nashville. How did that collaboration happen?

TIP: Just online. I heard his stuff, loved his voice and, when Mikky was in London, we got in the studio. We have only met once and recorded once so I’m looking forward to more one day.

LBPT: A lot of musicians working today came up on 90s melodies and production. How does the decade’s music influence yours?

TIP: Heavily. It was the era that I was starting to get into music at school, whether it was hip hop, Britpop, 90s R&B, grunge, garage. There was a lot of different genres back then compared to now, when everyone seems to like a bit of everything.

LBPT: You’re signed to PMR Records, also home to Jessie Ware and Julio Bashmore. What’s the vibe like in the office?

TIP: We are like a family. All good friends and I am a fan of everyone on the label. Genuinely love all the music at PMR. Exciting future.

LBPT: To my ear, London has always had a sound even as it’s evolved over time. What about the city gives the music that texture?

TIP: Its so diverse, so many cultures and that comes out through music more than anything. Whether it’s grime or punk, it feels like there’s a lot of pain and emotion in London music—like it couldn’t have been made anywhere else.

LBPT: Top five slow jams of all time?

TIP: Not top but first five that I love which come to my head right this second:

Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares
Otis Redding – I’ve Been Loving You Too Long
R. Kelly – Sex Planet
D’angelo – Brown Sugar
BrownStone – If You Love Me

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