LBPT - Q&A with Supreme Cuts (Chicago)


It’s a good time to be making music in Chicago. Chicago rap, particularly the irreverent East Side drill scene, is getting national attention. Meanwhile, the otherworldly sounds of footwork, a foster child of house’s original inception on Jackson Ave., still influence prominent UK/US producers. From this mix come Supreme Cuts’ Mike Perry and Austin Kjeultes. Sample the cut Belly (which I like to think is named after Hype Williams’ directorial debut) from their Whispers In The Dark LP.

LBPT: How did both of you end up in Chicago and start making music together?

SC: We both moved to Chicago to go to school and pursue music. We met through DJing and started talking music and became buddies.

LBPT: Whispers In The Dark is an expansive record. How has your music changed since the Trouble EP?

SC: We are more fearless. We still have all the secret techniques from Trouble but we stumbled upon tons more through experimentation. I guess we’re more confident.

LBPT: How did you hook up with Haleek Maul and what can we expect from that collaboration?

SC: Haleek hit us up about a year ago saying he loved our music and wanted to work together; we’ve been working with him ever since. We just got back from kicking it with him in New York. Chrome Lips is our mixtape with him and it comes out on August 21st. We got to indulge in our darkest sides as Supreme Cuts and at times most agressive. On the flipside, we got Haleek on more diverse beats than he would usually choose for his own records.

LBPT: Can listeners in Europe expect a Supreme Cuts tour soon?

SC: I will cut off my right leg or consider harming a loved one for a European tour! Please help! I miss my friends over there!!!

LBPT: Katie Got Bandz or Sasha GoHard?

SC: K.G.B!!! (But Do You Know Who I Am? is almost a masterpiece.)

LBPT: Most inspiring spots in the city?

SC: The MegaMall.

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