LBPT - Chicago


Wanted to write a quick thing about relationships with places. It comes in the wake of a midnight walk around Knightsbridge, conversations with friends, and reading an article on the subject, you feel me? We tend to think about the places we live in static terms, when the reality is much more dynamic. Relationships with places are really a lot more like relationships with people. And who might be a good person for you today, might not be so good for you in a few years. Or maybe he or she will be because you genuinely value the time you’ve spent getting to know them, understanding them. Depends on what’s important to you, nahmean? Chicago, where I spent a year working, is like the girl who came out of nowhere, took care of you, and it grew to be the absolute realest thing. But still you had to wonder about what else was out there. London, where I am now, is the makes-your-heart-skip-a-beat beautiful girl who’s got dope style, taste, everything you think you want, but the conversation never clicks. Maybe it’s her, maybe it’s you, but there’s not a lot either can do to change it. And Miami, where I’m from? Miami is like the fly girl you think (hope) might have more to her if you got to know her for real.

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