Your entire year is not going to be summed up and packed away with a smack of the lips.
Gift ideas! Fun, sexy, whimsical gift ideas for most any budget. Many involve genitalia. All guarantee multiple orgasms.
“Let’s just let it happen naturally” is a terrible idea and anyone who employs such a response when you tell them what you like and don’t like is at worst a terrible person and at best an ignorant person.
Society teaches men that if a woman requires or wants anything in bed besides the man’s giant, throbbing penis (lube, vibrators, porn, etc.) then she is a big fat sexual failure.
Sex isn’t therapy. It can, however, be therapeutic. Crying after orgasms isn’t uncommon, given the rush of endorphins and dopamine that ensues.
The idea that pretending that physical appearance is irrelevant, or should be, when selecting a mate (or mates), is silly.