irockiroll - "WEEKEND IN REVIEW : Long Weekends and Lord Huron"

Holiday weekends always stress me out, even though I suppose they should kind of do the opposite. But when you live in a city as stressful as New York, there is definitely always this pressure when you have even a smattering of days where you aren’t required to be in an office to just go go go go go. Go away somewhere beautiful. Somewhere that is not your Brooklyn apartment, even if it does have central air and it’s 90+ degrees out there. Basically I went to New Jersey and drank a lot and ate a lot of delicious smoked meat, but it was lovely none-the-less and now I feel refreshed and also maybe a bit relieved that I don’t have to think about long weekend plans again until Labor Day comes around.

Musically, I’ve been seemingly alternating pretty constantly in a highly bi-polar way between high energy summer jams and the most emo indie-folk that I can get my hands on. My #1 obsession in this category is without question the Los Angeles based band Lord Huron. Is it a real thing that a band can write songs so amazing gorgeous with lyrics so heart wrenchingly romantic that they make you smile and cry at the same. fucking. time? Because if so then Ben Schneider and company have got that on lock. Feeling a little restless and lost this summer? Put on their album Lonesome Dreams and I am telling you it is the best kind of cure for what ails you.


Courtesy of irockiroll.

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