I Wish I Didn't Know - "Gang Member Arrested After Officials Found 100 HUNDRED Bags Of Heroin INSIDE HIS BUTT"


Rasoul Speight, 100 bags of heroin in his butt
In New Jersey, 32-year-old Rasoul Speight and 25-year-old Gary Sylak have been charged with several drug-related charges following a routine traffic stop, which eventually led to police finding 100 tiny bags of heroin hidden in Speight’s anus.

According to NY Daily News, the police pulled over the car because of unclear plates and an obstructed view.

After realizing Speight and Sylak had outstanding warrants, officials searched the car, but found nothing.

The bags of heroin were not found until the two criminals were being processed at Bergan County Jail.

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Courtesy of iWIDK.

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