Hope and Change - Don't Be Fooled

The latest hard-hitting Obama campaign video asks whether you should believe what Romney is saying now as he tries to veer towards the center, versus what he was saying a few months ago when he needed to win the Republican nomination.

It’s not just a question of whether the “real” Mitt Romney is more of a centrist than the Mitt Romney who had to adopt some rather extreme positions in order to win the Republican nomination. The problem is that there is no substance behind Romney’s latest more centrist-sounding proposals. For example, when Romney says now that his health care plan provides for people with pre-existing conditions, the fact is that it does not. Sure he is scrambling now to come up with some suggestions for a limited open enrollment period where insurers would be required to accept people with pre-existing conditions, but he has no mechanism for making insurance affordable for those people.

When Romney said he has no plans to introduce anti-abortion legislation, his campaign almost immediately had to retract that statement. And Romney has never backed away from his promises to appoint the kind of Supreme Court justices who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, so voters need to understand that choice is in fact in serious jeopardy from a Romney presidency.

And when Romney now says he is going to cancel out the impact of his plan to cut taxes for high income individuals and corporations by limiting deductions and loopholes, he is completely unable to detail a credible plan for doing that.

So it’s not just that voters can’t be sure which is the real Romney. It is more that the new supposedly moderate Romney is an illusion.

Courtesy of Hope and Change.