Hope and Change - "Action"


Are you suffering from post-campaign depression? Are you one of the people who was caught up in the excitement and work of re-electing the president, and now you need an outlet for that energy? Wondering what to do now?

Some people have realized that they should not allow all that campaign energy to dissipate as happened to some extent after the 2008 campaign. They understand that they can’t expect the president to accomplish his campaign objectives alone. They are therefore organizing around specific issues.

So if you care about an issue, say whether taxes should be increased on the top 2%, which seems to be the issue of the moment, here are some things people can do right now.

  • Support Minority Leader Pelosi’s Discharge Petition, which would force a vote on ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%,. The petition only needs 40 more signatures. Click below to find out how to fill your Congressional member’s voicemail box with reminders to sign. It has an impact. http://www.theaction.org/?p=1445
  • Attend one of more than 250 events coming up all across the country — all grassroots organized, and geared towards pressuring members of Congress to end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%. Groups are planning rallies, phone banks, and such fun events as singing tax cut-themed carols outside a Rep’s office. Find out if one is happening near you here: http://find.theaction.org
Courtesy of Hope and Change.