Friendship Bracelet - Reunited


On July 26 Leaving Records will release SWEDISH FISH, a split cassette of ambient music from Odd Nosdam (co-founder Anticon Records) and LR guru Matthewdavid. Most of the A-side is “Swedish Tapes,” a live recording of Odd Nosdam opening for Fennesz at San Francisco’s Swedish-American Hall. The B-side is Matthewdavid’s, featuring four extended droners including “Reunited,” a wispy piece of mulched tape which has received Miko Revereza‘s psychedelic analog visual treatment. This time Revereza pairs the sounds with a rotating wheel of rainbow colors that’ll make you start seeing things if you stare long enough. As with most all of Revereza’s work we see him manipulating raw film, but this time he chose to forge the edit in real time along with the music, bringing the audio and the visual closer in a couple ways. For one, according to Revereza, Matthewdavid edits some of his dronier material in real time, analogous to how the visuals were created. Miko goes a step further, likening the open-ended nature of his abstract video feedback to ambient music in general. “Just like ambient music [the video] is not the kind of thing to make one feel happy or sad or to give an opinion,” which allows viewers “to experience the film as an individual.” Grab a tape next week from Leaving Records. In the meantime check a download of “Reunited” below.

Matthewdavid – Reunited

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