Friendship Bracelet - Girl Abs


I first got down to business listening to Dynooo after one Dem Hunger let me know he had remixed Dynooo’s track “Boothbay” from the ridiculously named free bandcamp download album I Feel Like Playing Sim City Straight From The Floppy And Run A Tornado All Over My Perfectly Functioning Town After I Put The Fire Department Way Too Far So They Wont Be Able To Help My Sim City People‏. Fastforward a few weeks and the Belgian producer’s new Surf Kill record Vvideo Hair is available for bandcamp stream and download with vinyl due in mid August. The new record is a huge step forward for Dynooo, turning the strewn about 25-to-75-second bits and pieces of grooved out electronics on Sim City into full-fledged jams. The new record is way more dance-oriented, showing off his affinity for bangers on pounding opener “Tropical Thighs.” Dude gets a bit darker on “Northwest Noir” before diving into raver territory with “Huge Apple,” which he offers for free download. Fellow Belgian Cupp Cave makes an appearance this time around, jacking up the perspiration factor with his remix of “Espirit Sweat.” Might I also mention this dude’s knack for song titles. From “Bj Hair” to “Girl Abs” dude straight kills it.

Dynooo – Huge Apple

via Friendship Bracelet