Halloween Costumes '14


By Jess Goulart

Photo courtesy of MarkScottAustinTX.

If you’re that person who has drawn whiskers on your cheeks and worn cat ears for five years running, it’s time to switch up your costume. While hanging chads and slutty pumpkins will never go out of style (thank you How I Met Your Mother), you don’t have to show skin to show off.

For some creative inspiration, take a look at BTR’s best-unexpected Halloween costumes, most of which are DIY and totally doable last minute… or night of, as it were.


Photo courtesy of Instagram user acire272.

Square stencil and body paint — boom!

Obama Care Bear

Photo courtesy of Instagram user djactionjackson.

Just keep your fingers crossed no one asks what you actually do.

Sleep No More

Photo by Jess Goulart.

Maybe a little hard to come by a mask, but as an added bonus you don’t have to speak to anyone all night.

Hipster Jon Snow

Photo by Jess Goulart.

Because we all know, in real life, he would be.


Photo courtesy of Betsy Weber.

A paper bag with two aptly placed eye holes and a “Hello, My Name Is…” sticker will grant you omnipotence for the evening.

NYC Skyline

Photo courtesy of Nick Gray.

New York is the greatest city in the world… on your head.

King Crab

Photo courtesy of Ruth Hartnup.

Be the life and the claws of the party, without smelling like an actual crab.


Photo courtesy of Mike McCune.

Many of you reading this are bound to wake over hung over and need a hearty breakfast to soak up the agony. This year, why not dress up like your morning meal?