Conspiracy Theories at Denver International Airport - Conspiracy Week


The Denver International Airport. Photo by John Picken.

If you were to think of areas in the United States that are surrounded with conspiracy theories, surely Area 51, Washington D.C., and Roswell, New Mexico are some of the most common places that would come to mind. However, another location that has “X-Files” fanatics watering at the mouth is Denver, Colorado. The city known for beautiful mountain ranges, bountiful outdoor sports, and Bill Romanowski potentially has a large underlying secret. The Denver International Airport (DIA) has come under tight speculation in regards to its true purpose since it was first built in 1995. In similar fashion to believing Americans never landed on the moon, John F. Kennedy was killed by a three-legged being from planet Neptar, and the Earth actually being flat, let’s all step into the shoes of a conspiracy theorist and ponder the mysteries surrounding the airport in the Mile High City.

Prior to 1995, Denver had a fully functioning airport called Stapleton International. This facility was torn down despite strong opposition from the community and the DIA was built as a replacement. Many were curious as to the reasoning behind the replacement since Stapleton was not in disarray. The new and improved DIA had fewer runways, giving even stronger speculation as to why they were building an airport that, on the surface, was less efficient than its predecessor. To make things even more bizarre, five buildings constructed on DIA’s grounds were soon buried. When officials were asked the reasoning behind the burial of these buildings, they claimed that they were “built wrong.” This answer did not satisfy the curiosity of those questioning and soon theories were developed to fully explain the purpose of these underground facilities.

Many believe the inner-workings of the airport are from the actions of the New World Order and the DIA is the headquarters of this organization. For those that are not familiar with the NWO – no, this is not referring to the group of wrestlers on WWE that go by the same name – it is an alleged organization that goes back centuries consisting of world leaders, the queen of England (who bought property near the airport), celebrities like Tom Hanks (you’ll never look at “Joe versus the Volcano” the same again), and the rich who are planning on worldwide domination [1]. The NWO plans to become the sole governing body and everyone around to see them come to power will live in a society similar to an Orwellian dystopia. Further fueling the fire, when looked upon by satellite, the DIA slightly resembles a swastika. That’s right, those old anti-Semitic bastards are up to it again.

If the NWO is indeed housed at the DIA, this would explain the underground facilities. It is at these locations where the organization can house their slaves in concentration camps of the 21st century. In order for worldwide domination to take place, the NWO would have to cut down on the population in order for it to be easier to control the entire planet. The DIA is a perfect place for them to develop a way to do this. On the inside of the airport near a mural painted on the wall says the letters “Au Ag.” This is the abbreviation for a deadly strand of virus called Australian Antigen, which was discovered by one of the founders of DIA. Some believe they are developing large amounts of Australian Antigen at the DIA to release into the public.

Speaking of murals, one will notice a large work of art that covers the wall-space on the interior of the airport. Chicano artist Leo Tanguma depicts a Nazi-esque soldier standing over huddled children. He has a sword in his hand that is piercing a dove and behind him are people in terror. The Fox Mulders of the world see this painting as visual depiction of the planned actions of the NWO.

On top of all of these terrifying conspiracies, the airport is privy to angry ghosts of Native American decent since it was allegedly built on top of sacred burial grounds. If officials were asked about this allegation, they would deny it, but during the construction of DIA, shamans from various tribes across the country performed blessings throughout the grounds. So, those arriving or traveling through DIA not only have to look out for deadly viruses, they must also be weary of getting caught in a situation similar to the ending scene in Poltergeist.

Does this make you not want to visit Denver any time in the upcoming future? Well, just as most conspiracies, digging a little further into the situation will shed some light as to what exactly is going on. The following paragraph debunks most of the theories and is broken into bullet points for convenience:

  • Why was Stapleton replaced when it was still functioning properly? This airport was past its heyday and reached the ripe old age of 65. It needed to be retired before it looked as sad as Bob Barker’s last few seasons on The Price is Right. It was also in the middle of the city which was a large nuisance in regards to sound.
  • What are the underground buildings? There is a train system that was built underground which conveniently connects all of the terminals. There was also an underground baggage handling system that was one-of-a-kind when first built. Unfortunately, the baggage system did not work as to expectation and was retired after ten years of use.
  • What’s with that weird “Au Ag” logo? Yes, this is an abbreviation for a deadly virus. They are also the symbols for gold and silver. Placing these symbols inside a constructed building is a common homage to the Freemasons, who have constructed some of the world’s most beautiful buildings for centuries.
  • Why did the Queen of England by property near the airport? She’s rich. If you had that kind of scratch, wouldn’t you buy property in Denver too?
  • The mural is obviously depicting the NWO’s plans right? I mean, right? When looked at the mural as a whole, one will see that it is a story of good triumphing over evil. The other half of the painting shows children gathered together in harmony while the Nazi soldier is lying dead.
  • Should I be on the lookout of angry Native American spirits? Not much can be said about this claim and there is a chance the airport was built upon sacred ground. Just to be safe, next time you travel to DIA, bring the little, creepy lady from Poltergeist. She knows how to handle these situations.


1. Barkun, Michael. A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America. Berkeley, CA: University of California, 2003. Print.