Fresh and Noble - Sacred Places


“She understands that character is just as important as technical skill – real singers talk loud and say something. Amenta’s got us on our knees!”This quote from the RBMA captures this EP excellently.‘Stormy Weather’ shows one side of this character. The simplicity of the production on the track, that focuses attention on the voice, that perfect pace, pronunciation, the feeling, emotion of Amenta is magnificent on this track.

Amenta – Stormy Weather by fresh & noble

The other side, the darker, pacy, bass filled, more dancefloor orientated production ‘Eleutherios’ wraps up the EP. This track evokes a different emotion to ‘Stormy Weather’ and therein is the brilliance. Within 5 songs, start to finish of this EP, there is a number of different styles. Throughout the different styles of track, Amenta‘s voice works perfectly.

Eleutherios by fresh & noble

Featuring production from Kidkanevil, Om Unit, Clinic, Lost Twin and Throwing Snow. Realeased September 12th on First Word Records. You will be able to buy it here.

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