Flutzing Around - "Things I Will Never Comprehend...."


Alright, I am in one of those snarky moods again. Here comes another ‘I will never comprehend..’ post.

One of my all-time favorite performances has to be Matt Savoie’s 2005 US National short program to Adagio for Strings. Talk about a quick 2 minutes and 50 seconds. I was totally blown away the first time I saw it, and I am still just as in love. The choreography was done by Tom Dickson, who earned a lot of attention during Nationals this season for creating Alexander Johnson’s masterpiece of a free skate.

Time for a good laugh. This performance only earned him 4th place in the short program. Want another laugh? Almost every single judge gave presentation scores to Matt below their scores for Tim Goebel (1st in the short), Johnny Weir (2nd), and Evan Lysacek (3rd). 5.6’s… really? The 5.4 judge should have been removed from the panel at that very moment.

Lysacek, on the other hand, was busy scoring a 6.0 for his short program… in its third season of use and still looking as World Junior silver medalist material as ever (he won silver three different times).

By the way, Evan loved this Espana Cani program so much, apparently, that he dumped both of his early-season 2006 programs and showed up with the warhorse at the latter events, including the Olympics.

Who could ever forget his attempt at Grease early that same year? 🙂

Savoie, for whatever reason, was never truly respected by National judges and was always essentially branded the ‘third-ranked’ skater when he did get to compete internationally. Shame on you, USFS!

Courtesy of Flutzing Around.

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